Battlefield Hardline: Game With Devs

Want to show the developers of Battlefield Hardline who really owns the streets? Throw down in the “Game With Devs” event starting this week.

On April 30 and May 1, players on all platforms will get the chance to play Battlefield Hardline multiplayer against – and together with – devs from Visceral, DICE LA, and DICE Stockholm. We will be doing two livestreams for these events.

If you won’t make the matches, don’t despair – we’ve prepped the livestreams with all kinds of happenings. You can spectate the games, watch interviews with the Battlefield Hardline team, or take part of giveaways if you participate in online multiplayer matches.

Hope to see you on the stream!

Event Times

April 30, 1PM PT – 3 PM PT

May 1, 1PM PT – 3 PM PT

Watch the Live Stream Here



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