Battlefield Hardline: First Patch and Something Else

You’ve been patiently waiting and the first patch for Battlefield Hardline is rolling out today on all platforms. From Team Deathmatch spawn point fixes and longer Conquest matches to tuning overpowered weapons and reducing the rate at which the couch can be repaired, the list goes on. We heard you guys, listened and made the top requested changes based on your feedback to make the fight in the streets even more fun. For the full breakdown of fixes per platform, head to the Battlefield Hardline forums.

We didn’t stop there though. Also coming with the first patch is the addition of the Rent-A-Server (RSP) program for consoles (PC players you already got it). Now, console players can personalize their games. How does a private server sound for just your crew? Or how about a custom rotation of your favorite maps and modes? We thought you’d like that, just don’t forget to invite us.

For you newcomers, we understand the competition can be tough right now. If you feel like you need some help, we also added Shortcut Kits that are available for purchase. These are similar to past Battlefield games where you can quickly unlock different weapons, gadgets and vehicle upgrades. To find out more about them, head to the EA Help Site.

Before we let you go, we have one last surprise in store. Coming next month, we will launch the Battlefield Hardline CTE on PC. Although it’s separate from the Battlefield 4 CTE, the Battlefield Hardline CTE will serve the same purpose. Members will be able to help us test gameplay fixes, balance tuning, and upcoming content before it gets into the game. The first thing we’re preparing to test on the Battlefield Hardline CTE is one of the new maps in Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity, in addition to netcode and bullet update improvements. We’ll have more info on that and how to sign up soon.



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