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The state of gamers today( or why I am glad we have a guild)

This link is to a thread about the new game the division but it also aplies to most games as it seems to be people that are the problem. I have to agree with the sentiment that people will "glitch" their way into the best gear in a short time and then complain there isn't enough content in the end game. Then, with this god like gear, they harrass the legit players in the pvp zones and act like they are the ones that know how to play the game and dont be a whinner if you cant keep up. This is a fun game and I avoid dealing with most of these idiots because we have a group of friends here that actually want to play to have fun and I do really appreciate it so I mean it when I say, You guys make gaming fun, Thanks !!

Funny thing is, right after I read this post, I got into a pick up group.  When I zoned in 2 of them were trying to jump through a wall.  After a few tries they made it.  A minute later the boss was running down the stairs after a guy .... we killed him ... mission over ... fun

Constant spam in chat about Falcon Lost Glitch Group 

We do have a great group Jeff! Thank you!

Maybe we should tell folks in that post about us .... Although I think most are on consoles

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The Weary Warriors Gaming Guild has the single purpose to forge and strengthen camaraderie between a group of mature game hobbyists. The company of good people becomes the best part of all of the games we play. While we strive to excel in the games we play with or against each other, excellence of character will always be more important than gaming skill.


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