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Any interest in Evolve?

Anyone interested in this game. Looks like it would be good for some drop in play for our group. Little pricy though

Looks interesting ... but we would need 5 ... and can we just play together?
Not sure if its just as fun but you can play with a minimum of two. Bots will fill out the rest of the team. Also you can make a private game.
you have the game?
No. Looking to see who is interested first.
I've been looking at it and reading reviews and other blogs about it since the game was released. It sounds fun, but only if you're with a team that is willing to work together. PUGs from what I hear ruin the game. I'm up for buying it though if others are interested.

The graphics remind me a bit of WoW. I noticed the date of December 2016. So is there a version of the game available now?
It just came out Leski, was watching a lets play on youtube and thought it looked interesting. PUGs with this would be really rough. I am interested in seeing how many of us would like to play this together.
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