Now playing SWTOR on Jedi Covenant (Republic)

We once again have a presence in Star Wars.

We have started a Republic Guild on Jedi Covenant.

The Empire Guild still exists on Shadowlands, but some of us have been using saved Cartel Coins to move them to Jedi Covenant.

Just ask for an invite if you want to try SWTOR again.

So far:

Steve, Bob, Kyle, Rich & myself

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That sounds good! Is there a time tomorrow (Tues) that someone might be on to invite? My character is named Treall. He is a lvl 12 Jedi Consular. Is there a need to change classes or to start a new character?

On 5:30-6:15 ... then work ....
Do you ever get on after work? Or is that WoW time?
Darn it. I was on this evening from 6:00 central until 8:00 ish. I'll be on around that time tmw too. I'll try to look for you. I'll also try to remember to get on teamspeak.

I made a second character as a Jedi Knight. He is lvl 12 and I am still trying to decide which path to take now for the two choices. I am inclined for a tank, but ...

Zach Brandon and Myself are playing also.



Don't hold your breath for a response Bill


You'd be better off texting him or trying to catch him in game.  He only checks these boards once a year 


I'm only checking once every 2 years.

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