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CLOSED - App: Tanis43 - by WWBrooklyn

The application submitted by Tanis43 is as follows:

Name : Tanis
Game : Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Server : Goblin
Level : 60
Gender : Female
Race : Au Ru
Pri. Class : Ninja
Sec. Class : Bard

How old are you?:

What is your gender?:

What time zone are you in?:

How did you hear about the Weary Warriors?:
An endless quest seeking other like minded individuals. Currently I am on another server but I'm looking to transfer. I thought it might work best to look for a guild that I could enjoy the game with.

Have you even been in another guild?:

What was the name(s) of your previous guild(s)?:
Ninja ( Zalera)

Why do you wish to become a Weary Warrior?:
I am looking for an fc that is active, easy going and enjoys lively conversation. I do love my current fc, but most of our members are younger and that can make it difficult...they never laugh at my 80's jokes! We all have fun but the server and our fc are losing players so...I'm lonely ;)

Have you read the <a href="">Constitution</a>?:

Do you agree to adhere to the <a href="">Constitution</a>?:

Hi Tanis, Unfortunately we are not real active in FFXIV right now.  We are looking for a game to commit to.  Perhaps when the next expansion comes out.  We will gladly except your application if you are looking for an older group.  

Thanks for your interest in the Weary Warriors!

About the Weary Warriors

The Weary Warriors Gaming Guild has the single purpose to forge and strengthen camaraderie between a group of mature game hobbyists. The company of good people becomes the best part of all of the games we play. While we strive to excel in the games we play with or against each other, excellence of character will always be more important than gaming skill.


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